About Crete

Crete is Greece’s largest island and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is one of the most magnificent natural environments in the country and offers a wealth of sights and activities!


To begin with, the island’s beaches are out of this world!


They are surrounded by lush vegetation and boast stunning blue waves with sugar-fine sand. Some of the most beautiful Cretan seashores include Balos, Vai, and Elafonissi.


The island is divided into four administrative regions: Chania and Rethymno on the western side, Heraklion and Lassithi on the eastern side. In terms of tourism, the northern coasts are more developed, whereas the southern coasts have a more secluded setting. Depending on your choices, holidays in Crete might be bustling or quiet.


Crete has a rich history and culture in addition to its beautiful natural surroundings. Just roaming through Chania town will give you a glimpse of its rich heritage. You’ll come across royal houses, Venetian fortifications, museums, fountains, and churches while strolling around. Knossos Palace, Phaistos Palace, and Spinalonga islet are among the island’s must-see attractions if you want to learn more about the island’s history.


Are you an adrenaline junkie? There’s so much to do in Crete’s natural environment! Dramatic canyons, such as the well-known Samaria gorge, hiking trails, the magnificent Loutro where you can swim , do watersports that will keep your adrenaline pumping during your Cretan vacation!


What can we say about Cretan lifestyle? The Cretan olive oil is one of the finest not just in Greece, but around the world.It’s a unique experience to go at oil mill factory.At Ano Vouves there is  the ancient olive tree which is the oldest recorded olive tree in the world.Let’s explore together those breathtaking experience.


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