About mitostours.com

Mitos Tours is a Chania based family company created to share our passion for the Cretan culture and beauty. We want visitors to have a taste of the authentic lifestyle and experiences of Cretans. Inspired by the Greek mythology we took our name from the myth of Ariadni. Ariadni was the daughter of Cretan King Minoas that helped Thiseas to find his way out of the Labyrinth in Knossos by giving him the mitos, which means skein.

Like Ariadni, we want to unravel the mitos with you through the paths and unique landscapes of our homeland. We ensure that you will live memorable experiences that you will take with you on your way back.

We are real people with travel dreams of our own that will give you our expertise, time and friendly personal service. You can be as involved as you want, and you are always in control. We want people to feel good, enjoy traveling and get more out of life.

We at Mitos Tours closely monitor client satisfaction and always seek new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations in order to ensure the best quality and service.


What we Provide

Private Transportation

Free Wifi on board

Experienced driver

Pick up and drop off from hotel


Free map and bottle of water provided on the tours