Crete is a lovely Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is recognized for its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and fascinating culture. While getting around the island without a car is doable, it can be tough if you are unfamiliar with the area and oftentimes too exhausting given the island’s size and the plethora of sights and beaches available.


There are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Crete. To begin, keep in mind that Crete is a huge island, so figure out which city you’ll be visiting first. Second, because Crete is a popular tourist destination, expect heavy crowds and expensive prices in the summer. Finally, Crete is famed for its stunning beaches, so make a point of visiting at least one while you’re there. Finally, Crete is an excellent place to learn about the local culture, so spend some time wandering through the cities and villages.


If you’re planning a trip to Crete, don’t forget to explore the beaches. There are many beautiful beaches to select from, and the most of them are close to the cities. If you’re searching for a peaceful beach to rest on, choose one of the beaches on the island’s north side. If you want to go to a beach with more action, go to one of the beaches on the island’s south side.


When you’re in Crete, make sure to take in some of the local culture. Narrow streets and historic buildings from the Venetian and Ottoman periods can be found in the cities and villages. There are other museums, monasteries and churches worth visiting as well.


There are several options for getting about Crete. The ferry is the most prevalent mode of transportation. Ferries connect Chania and Heraklion with the majority of the island’s major cities. The ferries are an excellent method to get about the island and are also extremely inexpensive.


The bus is another way to get around Crete. All of the major towns on the island have buses that run between them. The buses, on the other hand, can be rather crowded, and unfortunately they don’t always operate on time.


Driving should be your main option, if you manage to strike a good deal with a rented car. Crete’s roads are generally in good shape, with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore.


Keep in mind, though, that Crete is a mountainous island, so the roads can be winding and difficult.



Another option, is of course to book one of our mini-busses with an experienced, local driver, in order to freely explore Crete without having to worry about driving – simply focusing on your vacation and keep stress levels below zero! 🙂
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Whatever mode of transportation you use to get around Crete,
be sure to take in the breathtaking scenery and delectable cuisine.

Crete is a fantastic area to visit, and it’s well worth the trip whether you decide to drive alone, book a mini-van along with a driver or take a tour and explore Crete like a true local would!