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Falassarna is a famous Cretan destination at the west side of Chania, part of the Natura 2000 network, both due to its variety of flora and fauna and as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Looking towards Falassarna from the hill you will see many greenhouses, as the area is ideal for growing fruit and vegetables.

10:10 Ancient Falassarna

Dorians founded Phalasarna around the 7th century BC on Cape Koutri of the Grambousa peninsula. From this spot they controlled the sea routes towards northern Africa and Italy. The harbour-builders exploited the local lagoon, digging a channel to the sea 50 m long, 10 m wide and 2 m deep. The strength of the local economy rested on skill in navigating the sea, which led Phalasarna eventually to become a major naval power and trading centre. Besides the remains of the ancient city-state hundreds of finds are on display at the Museums of Kisamos and Chania.

10:35 Falassarna

Fallasarna is ideal for swimming, with crystal clear waters, aquamarine sea and fine golden san. For many Falassarna is considered to be one of the best beaches in Crete. There are two beaches, divided by a few sand dunes. The south beach, known as Pachia Ammos, is longer and wider is fully organised, with umbrellas and two bars. However, there are free spots for those who would prefer bring their own beach umbrella.

16:00 Monastery of Gonia

The construction of the monastery started in 1618 and it was a center of resistance during the major struggles of Crete. Despite the many disasters suffered during the years of Ottoman rule in Crete and the Second World War, many pictures, antique books and historical documents and other precious treasures are still preserved in the museum of the monastery. The view from the monastery is magnificent.

16:20 Kolimbari

Kolimbari is a quiet picturesque village, 24km from Chania that has joined the tourism development since some major hotels were built in the area. In the village you will find plenty of taverns and cafes next to the sea. The small harbor with the fishing boats is offered for a stroll in the afternoon.

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