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Greece is a country with great ancient history and Crete couldn’t be the exception. Minoan Civilization dates from c. 2700 to 1100 BC and represents the first advanced civilization in Europe. The first Cretan palaces were built approx. at c. 1900 BC.


10:00 Knossos Palace

Knossos was the centre of Minoan civilization. The Minoan palace was an important city in antiquity, centre of economy and trade, concentrating wealth and political and religious authority. Knossos is connected to the myth of Minotaur that is said to have lived in the Labyrinth, and also the myth of Daidalos and Ikaros.


12:30 Heraklion Archeological Museum

To have an holistic view of the Minoan Civilization we will visit the Archeological museum of Heraklion where you can admire various treasures of the Palace of Knossos. The museum is located in the town center of Heraklion and houses a number of finds from different periods, covering a chronological span of over 5500 years and different parts of Crete.


12:30 City of Heraklion

You can wander around the city of Heraklion and enjoy two hours free time to get to know the city and its habitants.


18:00 Return to Chania


Total Duration: 11 hours



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