9:30 Pick up time

Surrounded by the White Mountains, Omalos plateau is located 38km south of Chania at an altitude ranging from 1,100 meters. The plateau is frequently covered by snow in the winter. The National Park of Samaria Gorge starts here. The Gorge is 16 km long and it became a national park in 1962, particularly as a refuge for the rare kri-kri (Cretan goat).

09:45 Keritis Bridge - Alikianos

The stone made bridge was built in 1908 from the people of Alikianos village above Keritis’ river. The bridge is part of the contemporary history of Greece as during the Second World War 118 men were executed by the Germans.

10:00 Winery

With our visit to this winery of Chania you will witness the process of vinification. The family that owns this winery believes in carefully and organically cultivating vines to absorb this scent-filled of the land. You will have the chance to taste the unique flavors that come from the combination of the grapes and the herbs of the Cretan land.

11:30 Entrance of Samaria Gorge - Xuloskalo

Xiloskalo is the starting point for the thousands of visitors of the famous Samaria Gorge at 1250m. In Xyloskalo you will see the forest guard kiosk and the information center about the White Mountains and the National Park of Samaria. You will have the option to enjoy your lunch at a tavern nearby that offers magnificent views to the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) and the Gorge.

13:30 Cheese Dairy

The area of Omalos is famous for the “mitata”, which means cheese-dairies. We will visit one of them to see how the marvelous cheese of the area is produced.

15:00 Return to Chania


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